Sunday, December 13, 2009

How old am I?

This seems to be a rather simple question. According to my birth certificate I was born on March 6th 1972, which would put my age as 37 and change.
However, Trisha has been telling me for years that I act like a 13 year old, especially on occasions when I did something she particularly didn't like. But who do you trust, you wife or your birth certificate?
Now the situation became even more complicated. Besides the monetary award for winning the Northface Endurance Challenge last weekend I also won an "Ironman Inner Scan Body Composition Monitor". It gives you a lot of more or less useful information, like weight (134 lbs), % body fat (5.5), total body water % (63), basic metabolic rate (1650 kcal / day), physique rating (8 "thin and muscular") - NO WAY!
And metabolic age: Twelve.
Great! Now my wife has scientific proof to back her up.
At least the next time she tells me I'm acting like a 13 year old I can tell her "Thanks. I'm acting mature for my metabolic age."


  1. Ha! Hopefully you never grow up!

  2. Classic! Can't underestimate a womens intuition. ;-)


  3. Maybe it's a wife thing - Mine does the same thing. I take it as a compliment and hope I never grow old on the inside. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to seeing what you do in 2010.

  4. "But who do you trust, you wife or your birth certificate?"

    Uli, you NEVER question the wife. It's on the marriage certificate in tiny print! :-D

  5. Hey Uli,

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  6. Julia,

    You're so full of $H!T!!!
    I've only had this blog for 2 weeks.
    So you obviously barely even read my blog, and all your comment is is a shameless advertising for your blog.
    I don't think compression tights do ANYTHING for runners. They're a fad just like the "breath right" nose strips were 10 years ago. I will not let my blog be used as an advertising board for a useless product.
    And I REALLY hate phony people.

    So don't ever post on my blog again or I'll write an entire blog entry about your blog.

    btw, I did read your blog. It's brand new, the only two posts are from Dec. 21 2009. Honestly, I expected a commercial site where you can buy compression gear. But it seems to be just a bunch of poorly written rambling about compression tights and shirts. May be you intend to make it a commercial site after a bunch of popular blogs link to it? Whatever. Go away.

  7. Uli, you're the man

  8. You really acted like a 12 year old with that message to Julia Tights.

  9. holy crap, that response to Julia was awesome, haha.